Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

Full stack web developer, web designer and web consultant in Des Moines, Iowa. Drupal lover, WordPress is ok too.
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When Agencies Dabble With Drupal

Imagine the following scenario: You’re in a board room of a non-technical medium to large sized company. There’s a decision maker, their consultant (usually the networking guy) and a business analyst / assistant. The team wants to redo their huge website which will require a good amount of custom programming. 

Fulfilling Search with Drupal on IoT Devices

There is always a gap between information and users and with IoT devices being all the rage, developers face a new set of challenges. But with the powers of Drupal and a little bit of play, anything is possible. This post is supplimental to the embeded video which covers how to connect your Drupal site to the Google Home and Amazon Alexa. I finally got this talk online, bare with me I’m a little new to doing screencasts but I’m having fun. Hopefully you find the talk helpful and can build off of these ideas with Drupal!