About Brad Johnson


I'm a full stack developer specializing in Drupal with 12 years experience in the industry. My background is in design and front end work. Slowly but surely over the years my curiosity got the best of me, pulling me further and further into back end PHP development, devOps, late nights and many cups of coffee. My starts in the open source world began with WordPress. I helped my personal clients, did contracts on large builds, even tried to build my own CMS when I found the limitations of WordPress at the time. Drupal was plopped in front of me and after a short time my blood was running blue. 

Typically I work in agile environments and have become very accustomed to this style of planning. I have even had the opportunity to help build and plan an agile team, consulting on the roles and "building the airplane while flying it" as we said. Most recently I have jumped into devOps work, doing things like setting up Jenkins to listen to git branches and kick off builds with custom scripts that "build" and deploy Drupal sites. 

I keep my skills sharp by interacting with my community and continuously training. Lots of good ideas have come from the little conferences such as DrupalCorn and the Northern Lights Drupal Camp and I subscribe to Drupalize.me to get the latest and greatest (I highly recommend).

On a more fun note I play the guitar, cello, ukulele and just about anything with a string. I love making food - sushi, pizza and bread from scratch are my specialties. 

Thanks for taking a second to get to know me. You can find lots more at the social links below!