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Brad Johnson Lately

January 14, 2017 5:20 am Published by

Currently I’m on contract as the Lead Drupal Developer for OCIO at the State of Iowa. My team and I are chartered with supporting and maintaining about 120 Drupal sites and do new development and design for State agencies

To say the very least my job has in been incredibly diverse and full of excitement on a daily basis. I’ve played a lead role in a massive Drupal transition project, planned and set up automation for our sites, presented to agencies on a variety of topics, help setup and support an agile team and everything in between. I have fun and it’s truly been a great adventure.

My core team is a group of sincerely amazing individuals who love Drupal, care about quality code, want beauty in accessibility and truly are driven to make a difference for citizens in Iowa digitally. We call ourselves the Drupal Daemons. Everything is Drupal blue in our area, down to the Drupal blue duct tape that holds up our blue banner. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of talented people and the most dedicated technical and ideas leaders at the State.

Recently on top of everything else I have been doing some research and development work integrating the Google Home and Amazon Alexa into our Drupal sites. I’m very excited for what 2017 will bring — Stay tuned! 🙂

2015 – 2016

Before my current role I was as a Drupal Developer with Meredith here in Des Moines. I am honored to have work with some of the most talented developers I have encountered in my career and to contribute to high traffic Drupal sites. I worked on the Shape Drupal team to complete overhaul of to it’s new look. The internal teams I worked with and the extended team at Chromatic were absolutely second to none and I’m very proud to have been a part of Meredith.

Recent Development Work (2012-2015)

August 11, 2015 2:30 pm Published by

Most of my time for the past 3 years has been in front / back end development land

My contract work since 2012 has been primarily front and back end work. Below are some relevant links and descriptions to sites / projects I’ve worked on in recent years.

While I’ve helped with design and development on these sites, the clients are not mine and on many of these projects I was beyond not alone — I have had amazing opportunites to work with some of the best web designers and developers in the Des Moines area.

Principal Financial Group Online IRA
Assisted on the front end doing javascript development for the app from start to finish. Utilized backbone and underscore to create a single page app to sign up for an IRA. The 5 step process connects to various APIs along the way for client data, address validation and finally submission to the signup process.

Coded the site into Drupal. Custom program work to integrate product details and specs into libraries easily managed by client. Trained client on usage. Assisted with design and colors.

Weiler Corp
Integrated site into Drupal. Made a setup where client can populate, update and delete thousands of product nodes via a single CSV document. Site architecture (categories, related products etc) is also driven by this data.

BFG Gear Up Promotion
Client needed a single page app that acts as the entry point for their tire rebates and giveaways. Site features an upload / entry system that takes media from your computer / twitter / instagram / facebook as well as a twitter api integration that showcases entries from users.

Health Careers
Assisted in early iterations of the site. Used bootstrap, helped with site architecture, specialized in working with mobile.

FMH Insruance
Helped FMH with UX/UI work and research to improve the look, feel and overall engagement of their public facing and cloud based insurance software.

Doosan Media Kit
Built a simple Drupal site to help the client manage their events and media associated.