The transition of 57 Drupal sites

In 2016 the State of Iowa contracted me for a large Drupal transition project with OCIO. I lead an effort of supporting, servicing and consulting on the transition of 57 Drupal sites. Our goal was to harden security, improve accessibility, SEO and performance of and the State agency websites under the domain. 

Security & DevOps

My team and I worked very hard to improve the security of our sites. I helped implement solutions for XSS attacks and consulted with the networking and server administrators to ensure Drupal best practices were in place. We also worked to implement continuous integration with Jenkins and setup repos for all the agency sites. 


During this transition a large amount of effort was dedicated to making our sites as accessible as possible to the citizens of Iowa who are color blind or screen reader users. We ensured our sites were up to WCAG 2.0 AA standards and had valid HTML in every install. 


I put a focus on the simple rules of SEO and made it a priority to keep the sites in those standards. My team and I were able to recover hundreds of misplaced links and implement tools to help keep things in check. I made several recommendations and spoke to State agencies at our Content Managers meetings on SEO. 


I had the opportunity to conduct design research for the next, made migration recommendations for the transition to Drupal 8, created prototype IoT concepts for the Amazon Alex & Google Home and help State agencies like IPTV transition to Google services.

Additionally I worked on raising the bar for future 3rd party vendors for the State by sharing my agency experiences, working with the OCIO business teams to better develop RFPs and consulting on production possibilities and agile timetables.

I'm very proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to my home State. OCIO was a great team of technical minds and individuals who truly cared. OCIO was generous enough to send my team to events like DrupalCorn and promoted a modern development culture.


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The transition of 57 Drupal sites
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