A high performance Drupal 7 site for a notorious brand

When the Meredith corporation took over SHAPE magazine, the site lacked features and design that did the publication justice. I joined the ranks of the "SHAPE Runway" as we called it and helped rebuild the site into what you see today at My role was in developing the site with Drupal on a team of 8. In just 3 short months we were able to deploy the new finished site to production. 

Performance gets about 9.7 million unique visitors per month, putting it within the top 200 largest Drupal sites on the web. Writing performance code was our gold standard. We worked on various methods from utilizing Varnish, writing custom code vs views, using critical css on down to attaching scripts directly to render arrays — anything possible to make Drupal as lean as possible. 

Custom Content

The new site featured new content types that empowered editors to deliver unique content to their audience. We worked with editors to develop features like the "SHAPE 30 Day Challenges" which allowed their content team to create various 30 day challenges like this one that users could follow for an entire month. 

Massive Migration

Our team setup a scenario where editors could use the tools they were already working with and migrate that content into the site as they published. Lots of work was done to make that happen and it wouldn't have been possible without some generous help from the extended team at Chromatic. My team worked to rigorously test and uncover bugs for these solutions. 

Social Integration 

With over 2.7 million followers on Facebook, social integration was no light and fluffy term for SHAPE. A key part of this build was to ensure editors had full control over how their media was being distributed socially, integrating things like open graph tags with thumbnail and descriptions into Drupal. 

Mobile Orientation 

Making SHAPE mobile friendly was a central focus to the development efforts on the front end. With help from an amazing testing team and a really well equipped testing lab, we were able to make sure the site ran lean and looked good on a plethora of mobile devices. All of our code was written in a mobile-first fashion and the design team obsessed over maintaining the user experience through all screen sizes. 


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