Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

Full stack web developer, web designer and web consultant in Des Moines, Iowa. Drupal lover!
My Work

I was honored to join up with Four Kitchens to revamp Forcepoint's new website with a beautiful new design by Mechanica.

My role was to dive deep into the front end and implement the theme. Additionally I helped re-organize assets to reduce technical debt, added performance oriented code to make javascript/css load faster, wrote documentation and provided training to the content creators at Forcepoint.

In 2016 the State of Iowa contracted me for a large Drupal transition project with OCIO. I lead an effort of supporting, servicing and consulting on the transition of 57 Drupal sites. Our goal was to harden security, improve accessibility, SEO and performance of and the State agency websites under the domain. 


When the Meredith corporation took over SHAPE magazine, the site lacked features and design that did the publication justice. I joined the ranks of the "SHAPE Runway" as we called it and helped rebuild the site into what you see today at My role was in developing the site with Drupal on a team of 8. In just 3 short months we were able to deploy the new finished site to production. 

N-LINE Trailers

N-LINE Trailers hired me to breathe some new life into their brand and website. Over the years I've done several iterations to get the site where it is today, redesigned their logo, helped create content, made promotional materials, even shot some video.


In 2013 CemenTech needed a new foundation for their site with a new look that took them in the direction they went in today. I was contracted by Two Rivers Marketing to put together their site at the time and train the client on usage. 

ITWC Urethane Solutions

In 2011 ITWC Urethane Solutions had me revamp their website with a modern look and improve the functionality to manage thousands of MSDS regulation requirements. I created a manageable system utilizing WordPress.  ITWC was later sold to BASF. 


In 2014 Weiler needed a complete overhaul of their site. I worked again with Two Rivers Marketing to do just that. The company's 10,000+ products are managed via the Feeds module. The site also features various product selectors, lookup features, a store locator and responsive tables showcasing related products in the families.