Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson

Full stack web developer, web designer and web consultant in Des Moines, Iowa. Drupal lover!
My Work

JM Construction Pros

JM Construction needed a new look for their site. I worked with them to create a new site with WordPress as their CMS. The site design is oriented to be informative and bring prospective clients onboard by showcasing their process, service area and providing a contact form on every page. Their site keeps contact records and automatically integrates into their CRM. 

AvaMed MedTech

Balance Interactive commissioned me to help with the design of a microsite highlighting medical technology for one of their clients, AvaMed. After several rounds of revisions we emerged with the designs below. The client wanted a big, bold site that highlighted the medical technology world. This was a design only project passed off to their internal developers to create. 

Live Website

In 2016 the State of Iowa contracted me for a large Drupal transition project with OCIO. I lead an effort of supporting, servicing and consulting on the transition of 57 Drupal sites. Our goal was to harden security, improve accessibility, SEO and performance of and the State agency websites under the domain. 

N-LINE Trailers

N-LINE Trailers hired me to breathe some new life into their brand and website. Over the years I've done several iterations to get the site where it is today, redesigned their logo, helped create content, made promotional materials, even shot some video.


In 2013 CemenTech needed a new foundation for their site with a new look that took them in the direction they went in today. I was contracted by Two Rivers Marketing to put together their site at the time and train the client on usage. 

ITWC Urethane Solutions

In 2011 ITWC Urethane Solutions had me revamp their website with a modern look and improve the functionality to manage thousands of MSDS regulation requirements. I created a manageable system utilizing WordPress.  ITWC was later sold to BASF.